We can provide you with a range of services tailored to your needs, with a focus on either giving you the tools and information to support you in making critical decisions for your organisation on waste and resources, or the framework to achieve more efficient and effective delivery of management solutions.

Whether focused on better understanding what you have and what your options are, the market dynamics, or procuring solutions which will improve your approach to waste and resource management we have a range of services that will help you to deliver your objectives and underpin your strategic business decisions.

'Research is creating new knowledge'

Neil Armstrong

Market Reviews

Whether looking for a 'macro review' of a particular part of the market, or looking for specific feasibility assessments and gap analysis, or indeed a more detailed market assessment for a waste project, we can help.

Market Research

Our experienced team are able to use a variety of data sources to quickly give you market insights to help support early stage thinking through to setting broad strategic direction.

Commercial Due Diligence

As an investor you may need third party verification and due diligence on what you are being told by a developer - we can support that process from availability of material and potential changes over time, through to the commercial ramifications of such changes and the impacts on gate fees.

Options Analysis for Site Location

Choosing a site for a new piece of infrastructure needs a variety of factors to be considered, our GIS tools have been developed to be able to look at things from a national, regional or local basis to 'bring the market to life' and support your decision making.

Optimal Site locations

We can help you screen and identify the optimal site or combination of sites from a market and operational perspective. This might be using our GIS tools to look at the optimum combination of recycling centres for a local authority, through to an operator looking at the best combination of material recovery facilities across the UK.


Our clients for these services include…

'Winners prepare to win, plan to win and expect to win'

Zig Ziglar

Service Procurement Support

You may be looking for a waste collector, the delivery of equipment to serve your waste management needs, or a service provider for your FM - we can help you set your criteria, develop a structured approach, and secure a contract to deliver the service(s) to meet your objectives.

Bid Option Analysis and Strategic Support

We can help you understand the options and take you through the strategic decision making process at the very earliest stages of the procurement decision.

PQQ & Bid Support

Whether it is helping to support the in house team to shape a bid, or running your bid process, we have experience of both procuring and bidding public sector contracts.

Bid Evaluation and Tender Support

Having set the evaluation process in the bid documents this should be a simple scoring approach - however it often requires support for alternative bids and variances that may require careful reconsideration of the tender.

Procuring Outlet(s) for Materials

There are now a number of online platforms that can help you trade materials, but if you need more support to optimise your position - or can't afford a specialist in house team to do this for you - then we can help you.

Procuring Outlet(s) for Waste Fuel

We can help you source outlets both in the UK and the EU and help you develop a diversified set of outlets - from a turnkey solution through to putting each element of the supply chain in place for you.

Equipment Procurement Support

The application of a robust procurement process can deliver substantial savings when buying equipment - we can help you to save money by applying the principles required to optimise efficiencies and ensure the selection of appropriate partners.

Technical Due Diligence

Whilst we are able to evaluate a number of technologies in house, we also have a variety of partners that we work with to evaluate more complex waste treatment solutions appropriate to you requirements.

Support in Securing Investment

We have supported the process for developers, and worked with investors - if you have a need for finance we would work with our preferred partners to help you move forwards.


Our clients for these services include…

'A goal without a plan is just a wish'

Larry Elder

Strategic Review

Sometimes it helps to have a third party perspective, either to drive the process or act as a 'critical friend' and we have done both.

Financial Modelling

We can undertake simple modelling for those without an in-house team, or provide the input to those that do - we also can introduce accountancy and financial services companies if required.

Business Modelling

Understanding your processes, material flows and the resources deployed is critical in supporting your strategic decision making - we can help if this is an area you need support in.

Project programming, management & coordination

We have built both simple and complex project plans for our clients, and supported them in their delivery - from investment and project delivery through to acquisition and sale.

Equipment layouts and site optimisation

Getting the best out of your space is critical, as is choosing the best combination of activity in a mixed use site - we can help you to achieve this, whether it's selecting the most effective location for a baler or putting together a complex MRF.


Our clients for these services include…

'You can't manage what you don't measure'

W Edwards Deming

Waste Analysis

We can either come to site or set up a test regime to allow you to deliver a representative analysis of your processes and waste streams.

Compositional Analysis

We can arrange analysis of your waste streams by laboratory testing, in combination or as a substitute for manual analysis.

Chemical Analysis

Our partner laboratory will run a range of suitable tests allowing us to provide a turnkey solution to select appropriate parameters, report on compliance against a specification and make recommendations to changes in process to flex your results.

Waste Audits

Waste producers generally over-estimate waste, and guesstimate composition which can have significant impacts to designing the best management solution - we can undertake this work or work with you to deliver a meaningful assessment.

MRF Efficiency Reviews

Many MRFs are running in a sub-optimal way, as a result of changing input or poor operational practice. We can work alongside you to find process improvements to increase quality and productivity of your plant and process.


Our clients for these services include…

'If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance'

Paul McNulty

Permit Applications and Modifications

Whether you need to submit an initial Permit Application for a new site or development or wish to make a modification we can assist with the process and ensure that the application and supporting documents fit the specification and requirements outlined by the Regulators.

Permit Handback and Transfers

If you wish to surrender your licence or transfer a number of Permits that have accumulated at your site into one overarching bespoke Permit then talk to us about our previous experience in this field.

Permit Exemptions and 'end of waste'

There are a number of Permit Exemptions that are available for your site or facility which offer a different solution to progressing a full Environmental Permit. Environmental Exemptions are particularly useful for those sites whose activities are relatively low risk.

We have a wealth of experience in assessing these exemptions and finding the best option for your site so if you would like to find out more then we'd be happy to discuss these options with you.

Corporate Compliance and Board Support

Should you be looking for overarching guidance, a strategic assessment of your business - or would simply just like to improve its environmental credentials - then our specialist team can assist you. We provide a number of our customers with this service on a continual and rolling basis providing strategic reports, presentations and support to the directors of the business.

Management Systems 9001/14001

Certification towards an international recognised management system such as ISO 9001, 14001 etc can lead to a more efficient business and an increase in your customer base as more and more businesses are looking to engage with those organisations that adhere to a defined set of Standards.

Whether your businesses is in the waste and resources industry or not the same set of principles apply. Our team of internal and external consultants can support you to give you the best chance of certification first time.

Planning Application support

Our team can provide specialist support for planning applications, especially with respect to waste infrastructure developments. If preferred we also have experience of working alongside a customer's planning consultant providing the specialist waste element for the application as a whole.


Our clients for these services include…

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