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Understanding the waste fuel export market.

This website is intended to help you really understand the export market for waste derived fuels (both refuse derived fuel and solid recovered fuel) into Europe. We tend to call them WDF.

By understanding the market we believe you will be able to make better commercial decisions for your business, and we have split out and presented the information to help you get the insights you need for your particular needs.

We are always looking to develop the site further, so please don't hesitate to give us a call with any ideas that would add more value to you as a user.

We have also created a new introductory video to help you get the most from your experience []

Free Summary Information

Visulising the trends in export of Refuse Derived Fuel

This section will give you an overview of the total market over time and is freely available to everyone. You can use this to look at trends year on year and month on month (since 2010), look at who is sending and who is receiving material on an annualised basis, and manipulate graphs to look at the relationships that are of interest to you. This also captures the data for the whole for the UK, but as the export from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales is so small at present most of the rest of this site is focused on English exports for now.

WDF Flows

Visulising it's movement

This section will help you to see how waste derived fuel is moving, by using a visually powerful set of diagrams. By representing the amount of material in proportion to the thickness of the lines, it gives a clear picture of movement, and by hovering over the diagrams you can get immediate pop-up information. You can select which year you wish to look at, from 2013, and see that over time the complexity is increasing, especially in the area of smaller shipments. You can use it to look where your competitors taking or receiving material, what ports they are using, and which European plants are currently receiving fuel.


Data will appear as the year progresses, currently Fisrt Quarter.


See what's going where

You can use this section to get a specific overview of a particular exporter or importer of waste derived fuel. Select which company is of interest to you and the year, from 2011, for which you want to see data. Get a simple and effective overview of what happened in a single dashboard - including graphs, key metrics on shipments and sources/destination tables.

WDF Maps

Visulising where things are

They say a drawing or map is worth a thousand words, and here you can look at the ports of export and import and obtain pop up information for the year you choose. You can also see the reach into the countries based upon vehicle drive time from the port used, and most importantly you have a map of all energy from waste facilities in Europe, showing which received, and which did not receive, waste derived fuel in the year chosen. This could save you hours in identifying outlets or competition, or seeing exactly where everyone else is going.


To follow

Cost Analysis

Comparing the costs

The cost of moving waste derived fuel abroad needs to consider the whole supply chain against the alternative options in the UK. The variables are numerous, including for example whether waste derived fuel can be transported on 'taught-liner lorries', on return loads to Europe, or via return shipping as shown in the animated cartoon below.

This section enables you to consider each main cost element and use the sliders to move from the default position to your chosen level as necessary. By doing so, comparisons can be made for different options, helping exporters and importers to optimise the contracts they may enter into with each other.

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